"Making sense of emotional chaos and distress"

I see my work as fragments of conversation without direct interlocutor. I question the difficult moments in our relationships with other and their impacts on our emotional and physical selves. I mostly work in acrylic, collage, drawing and printmaking.


The Fragment Project

This project finds its roots in a major change in my life: being a parent. How do women artist balance their need to work and the time-consuming task of childrearing? How not to get lost ? This project was my map to navigate those waters in the Fall 2014. I established a few rules to help create a production discipline away from the studio. I chose a small format to be able to transport my supplies easily and to accommodate the sparse, fragmented time of my child's naps. 

1. Five days a week, produce at least one print per day that will fit the same established small format and that will be the starting point of further work (allowed to rework the prints once in the studio).

2. Index the dates, titles and source of inspiration of each print. 

3. The prints are a exploration of techniques, composition and personal emotions. (Freedom within the frame)

4. Develop a compassionate attitude towards oneself and the prints, always keeping in mind that finding time for their production alone is a challenge. The real object will be the final grouping. 




October 2013 - "Drawings and Paintings" - Tabula Rasa  - Curator: Elizabeth Grazioli ArtSee, Washington DC

August 2014 - "Leda" - Noah Webster Gallery at the West Hartford Public Library - West Hartford, CT



January 2012 - "Student show"Washington Studio School Gallery, Washington DC

November 2012 - "ArtFête" - 2D and 3D exhibit - The Art League, Alexandria, VA

December 2012 - "Atelier Artists" - The Washington Studio School Gallery, Washington DC

January 2013 - "Sandy's stories" - Gallery 102, curator: Roxanne Goldberg, Washington, DC

February 2013 - "Narrative works" - Torpedo Factory Gallery, curator: Beverly Ryan, Alexandria, DC

April 2013 - "As Artist, As Muse" - The Washington Studio School Gallery, Washington DC

June 2013 - "Less is More" - Mitchell Gallery, Jury: Jack Rasmussen, Annapolis, MD

August 2013 - "ArtSee Art Fair" Tabula Rasa, Curator: Elizabeth Grazioli, Washington DC

October 2013 - WPA "Works on Paper" at (E)merge Art Fair, rooms 224-225, Washington DC

March 2014 - WPA "Cherry Blast" at Blind Whino – 734 1st Street, SW, Washington DC

October 2014 - "Layered Visions" at Pyramid Atlantic Gallery, curator: Natasha Karpinskaia -Silver Spring, MD

October 2014 - "Exutoire" Chapelle Saint-Julien, Théâtre de Cambrai with Gautier Grouselle - Cambrai, France 

June 2015 - "Atelier Show" - Washington Studio School, Washington DC 

October 2015 -"Art Night" Hickok Cole Architecture - Washington DC



2012 - Panda Head Magazine - issue 6 - "Spanish Steps" 

May 2013 - Panda Head Magazine "No News Is Good News" newsletter featuring small works about

February 2016 - Art x Industry Night at West Elm 



Artfile Online - Washington Projects for the Arts  here


Inquiry about purchases: mariebeatricegauthiez@yahoo.fr