Art Workshops for Children 

Some artists search all their lives for the kind of freedom children show when they paint, draw, invent stories, project on anything available to convey emotions. These outbursts of visual communication need to be valued, cherished and salvaged. 

Creating with and around children is like dancing under the rain after a hot day. It's liberating, exhilarating, surprising, messy. This is one of the things I love doing the most: offering them a starting point in an accepting environement to let their hands and minds run free. 

This Spring, I teamed up with MangoStreet (Imaginarium and design studio) in D.C. to lead workshops for different ages. Info and tickets below:

Coffee and crayons

Age 2-3 with a parent

Wednesday mornings 11am-12pm $15 per class

April 3, April 10, April 24, May 1st, May 8, May 15

The children will be introduced to different materials while using their fine motors skills and working on their artistic muscles. They will learn to feel comfortable with making choices and assessing what pleases their eyes. Parents will be encouraged to work with their children but also to sit back and watch what happens! Come dress for a mess as we will use the whole body to create. At that age, the more sensorial, the better!

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Artist Series Spring Break 2019

Age 6-8 (drop off workshops)

Learning about contemporary artists and channeling their process. We will look at the artists’ works; introduce their background, techniques. The participants will then have the opportunity to create their own work in reaction to what they saw, heard, felt. 9:30-12pm. $40 per session.

Purchase tickets for each session below (click on title of the links)

-       Jean-Michel Basquiat (music and art, street art) April 15

-       Louise Bourgeois (mixed media, sculptures, variations) April 16

-       Jane Hammond (Map as art) April 17

-       Joan Mitchell (Feelings and emotions in painting) April 18

Saturday mornings in the studio

Age 4-5-6 (drop off class) $25/class 10:30-11:30 - Join us for some explorations. Bedheads and pajamas welcomed! Purchase tickets for each session below by clicking on the links.

Art for children is often associated with crafts and its “final product” aspect but really, art is a language, a meeting point as much as a branching out point. Mostly, it just needs to happen. Working in a studio surrounded by other artists is a very special thing. Connections are made, dreams are dreamed, emotions are felt and communicated. It empowers children to feel like they have a voice and that they matter. In a society that is all about convenience and consumption, art making is an antidote. The art process shows the children how rich their inner life can be, how capable they are at creating something from scratch. They are given the tools, the vocabulary, and the space to express their uniqueness. There is no right nor wrong, but courage and freedom.

April 6th – Nature and Art (explorations, observations, abstractions)

May 4th – Photo collages and boxes

June 1st – Telling stories on the paper